April 23, 2024

Deciding Between A Front Loading Or Top Loading Washing Machine

Deciding Between A Front Loading Or Top Loading Washing Machine

Although it would be wonderful, try as you might that laundry basket is not going to empty itself. You do have an alternative to doing the laundry – you could simply buy yourself new clothing items the moment your existing wardrobe showed signs of use, but that’s not really practical from either time or financial point of view. What can make the process that much less painful is a new washing machine. Similar to a small fridge freezer in the kitchen, a new washing machine can really be a big help in doing your daily chores.

However, finding the right washing machine for your unique needs can be challenging. There are a huge number of makes and models of washing machines, but, in the end, the choice will usually come down to a front-loading or top-loading washing machine.

To help make that choice easier you will find below some information that is well worth knowing. An informed purchase decision is one that provides lasting value – not lasting regrets.

Top-loading vs Front-Loading – the Key Differences

In order to make the choice between a top-loader and a front-loading washing machine the following needs to be taken into account:

A Front-Loading Washing Machine

Washing Machine

The name says it all – when using this type of washing machine you will be placing the dirty clothes into the machine through a swing-type door on the front of the machine. In most front-loading washing machines this door will have a glass insert. There will also be a separate detergent drawer for washing powder.

Are Top-Loading Washing machines Different?

As the name would suggest the top-loading washing machine allows the user to place soiled clothing on the top of the machine. Some of the covers for the top-loading washing machine will have glass (or similar transparent material) inserts in the cover, however, this is not as common as with front-loading machines. Usually, the lack of a transparent cover will mean that the user will not be able to see the washing once the cycle has started. Detergent is also added directly to the washer, rather than being fed from a dedicated drawer.

The Benefits of Both Types of Washing machines

Here are some of the benefits that are common when using either type of washing machine. Knowing these benefits will go a long way toward making your purchase decision easier.

Pros of Front-Loading Washing Machines

These washing machines provide a number of advantages, among them being:

  • They make it easier to remove tougher stains as the washing action is efficient and powerful
  • They usually use less energy and water than top-loading machines
  • They do not generate as much lint as front-loading washing machines
  • They are quieter than top-loading machines when in operation
  • Higher spin speeds mean that front-loading washing machines are better at drying clothes

The Pros of Top-Loaders

Top-loading washing machines are not without their attractions, these include:

  • Cycle times (15-30 mins) are faster than front-loaders, meaning less water and electricity are used
  • Top loaders have an efficient cold-water cycle
  • Able to handle very large loads (depending on make and model)
  • Clothing can be added once the cycle has started
  • End result can be great if fabric softener is used

Some Downsides to the Washing Machine Experience

There’s usually a flip side to every coin – and here are some of the downsides to using a washing machine, either front-loading or top-loading model.


  • Top-loading washing machines can be high maintenance when compared to front-loaders.
  • Some users have complained that top-loaders can create excessive lint due to high friction between clothing items
  • They can use more water and detergent per load
  • Noisier than front-loaders
  • If you stick to only using warm water then they can be expensive to run

Front Loaders:

  • Consumers may not enjoy the front-loading washing machine experience due to the fact that bending over to load and unload the washing machine can quickly become uncomfortable.
  • Using front loaders can result in more growth of mold and mildew on clothing items when compared to top-loaders