April 23, 2024

A Quick Guide To Window Blinds & Children

The majority of children are very curious and even if your child is a perfect angel, that doesn’t mean that they won’t act like the opposite at times! Even perfect children can act quite mischievous and there will be moments you’ll wonder, exactly how they do even do that while you took your eyes off of them for only a couple of minutes.

So, in this post, we will cover the type of blinds that you should avoid if you have kids. We will also cover some guidelines on how to ensure the blinds that you already have are as safe as possible from kids.

Blinds you should avoid using if you have children

Blinds you should avoid using if you have children

You should definitely avoid having expensive blinds or ones that can’t deal with spaghetti being thrown on them, cricket bat damage, etc. The top three blinds that you should avoid having around children include zebra or night blinds, Roman blinds, and wood blinds that are made from real wood. You should also avoid any type of luxury blinds for example luxury roller blinds.

These three types of blinds are usually costly and they aren’t capable of surviving blunt force from a bat or other toy. They are also not waterproof, which means they won’t survive spills. It is best to keep these blinds in your good lounge that is child-free or even better, simply keep them as a thought and not a reality in your home. It is better to wait until your home is child-free before you purchase and install these blinds. However, with the high cost of housing, you’ll likely have to wait until your child turns 25 years old!

The easiest option is to keep your blind completely out of the reach of children. Once children reach 2ft tall, they are now capable of reaching significant heights. You can try as hard as you want, but growing children are always curious and, unfortunately, you won’t be able to make them shorter, as much as you may want to!

It is made full use of them in their homes, and they continue to be a feature of many new build homes today.

With that said, it may be impossible to avoid having blinds altogether. So, the very least you can do is ensure that the controls for your blinds are inaccessible to your kids. In most cases, this would include the chain or cord that is used to lower or raise them. In some blinds, this includes the wand that is used to change the angle of the slats.

These suggestions are all a part of child safety. However, kids and even grown kids seem to think that blinds are best used for secret communication. They may even appear as a superb device to stick their head in. This often leads to a high risk of strangulation or accidental hanging. It can also lead to the entire blind being pulled off the window which can also lead to various injuries.

In the United Kingdom, all of the blinds being sold need to be child safe. Of course, many blinds are being sold illegally that may not have child-safe features which you need to think about before buying.

These safety features are necessary, especially if one of your children or even your spouse decides to insert their head into the blind and spin. In this case, the cord or the slat would likely break which would completely stop all of their fun but keep them alive for another day. Of course, this doesn’t guarantee their survival as they can easily move on to more dangerous activities such as climbing into the loft or going on the roof to make the game even more exciting and dangerous. Kids will be kids, both young and old, so once you decide to have blinds in your home, you need to ensure that you only purchase child-safe blinds as well as ensure that the blinds you do have are well protected against these child-like adventures.