July 20, 2024

How to keep track of employee morale


One of the most crucial jobs of an organization is to make sure the confidence, enthusiasm, and team spirit of its employees are at a good level at all times. The good morale of employees is what prevents a company from going from being successful to being a failure. There are so many ways how to make sure employees’ morale gets better, but how should companies make sure to keep it that way? The best way to do this is by tracking the morale of the employees regularly. Here are several ways that the employee morale can be tracked.

Conduct a survey

This way is pretty simple but very efficient. Conducting a survey and sending it to all of the employees also saves time on resources and it works perfectly well. Employees will be able to carefully think about their answers and explain in detail how and what they are feeling. A survey can also be anonymous which makes many people feel a lot safer in telling how they really feel without holding anything back. If the majority of the survey answers show that morale is low, measures can be taken to rectify this.

Examine employee trends

The trends of the employees almost always reveal something hidden under the surface. It’s not hard to find indicators of low employee morale when you search for it in the trends of employees. If there are many instances of employees being absent a lot, work being done with low quality, or more, then you know the morale is low. This is also a good way to track if this issue is only affecting either one of a few employees or a lot more. The solution will then be modified depending on the number of people suffering from low morale.

employee morale

Observing in person

This job is mainly for managers to do anyways, but observing the behaviors of the employees in person is very valuable if morale wants to be tracked. This could get tricky as it’s pretty obvious to employees when they are being observed. This method can also cause more stress to employees so it has to be done as discreetly as possible. The best way to observe employees is with positive intentions, they don’t want to feel like they are being micromanaged.

Have interviews

Having interviews with employees about their morale is also a great way to monitor it. Either one-on-one interviews or interviews done with small groups can work. The employees should of course know what the interview is about and have time to prepare. Make the space the interview is held as safe as possible. Employees should not feel like they have to lie about their morale is low, because if that is the case the problem truly lies deep in the organization.

An organization needs healthy employees

Employees are the backbone of an organization. They need to be cared for and treated as they deserve. If your organization has employees suffering from low morale, the organization may be in danger of the employees leaving for good. If this is the case, some organizational changes need to be made. Luckily, BiZZdesign is great at helping organizations through any kind of change successfully.