April 23, 2024

Estimated funeral service singapore price

Estimated funeral service singapore price

It will cost you tens of thousands of dollars to offer your loved one an extravagant burial, but you may also select for simpler, less expensive funerals that are no less meaningful or respectful. Everybody is aware that living in Singapore may be expensive; this is a natural consequence of being in a world-class city. However, the majority of us can alter our habits to be more thrifty and live within our means. Just like everything else, funeral service singapore price is also quite high.

Processes to undertake for a funeral service

funeral service singapore price

  • Register the death

Registering the death in order to get a Certificate of Cause of Death is the first step. This is a vital document that will be necessary not only at the funeral, but also for closing bank accounts, filing insurance claims, transferring utility accounts, etc.

  • Certificate of Cause of Death

The Certificate of Cause of Death will be produced at no cost if your loved one died away in a hospital.

If, for example, the dead opted to receive palliative care at home and died there, you will need to hire a physician to certify the death. This might cost between $200 and $300 SGD.

  • Autopsy

Natural causes of death (such as sickness, accident, or spontaneous collapse of vital body processes, such as abrupt heart failure) do not warrant an autopsy.

Additionally, you may obtain a private autopsy for your own purposes. In this situation, you would be required to pay over S$6,000 for the process, in addition to a daily storage fee of S$165.85 beginning on the third day. The next step is to organise a wake or memorial ceremony for family, friends, and acquaintances to pay their condolences.

  • Memorial service

Typically, a funeral ceremony lasts three days, although you may conduct a wake for as many days as you choose. In addition to the time, the kind of funeral will also impact the cost. Packages for memorial services may cost up to $10,000.

What is the cost of a funeral in Singapore?

A funeral in Singapore may range in price from S$5,100 for a simple, non-religious memorial ceremony to roughly S$40,000 for an extravagant affair with expensive mementos. To avoid funeral costs from spiralling out of control, begin by browsing online funeral service bundles. Choose one that meets your demands, then make modifications to suit your own preferences and aesthetic preferences as your money permits.