April 23, 2024

Is It Easy To Apply For Singapore Permanent Residency?

Singapore Permanent Residency

Applying for Singapore Permanent Residence is easy with all the required documents provided. Seeking to apply for Singaporean PR but unsure of the Singapore PR application documents? Click here to find out more. There is so much to know and many things to understand to ensure that you have provided all the correct and complete documents.

Singapore PR used to be humane. Last 2008, there were over 79, 000 new permanent residences that raised concerns among Singaporeans. The Government had listened and the immigration policies tightened. You may take a quick look at the trends from the year 2000 to 2018. Many had asked why the Singapore PR application had tightened. Thus, focusing on the trends that make starting a business in Singapore can be the best way for you to get PR.

Selective Singapore immigration policy

PR is hard to attain because Singapore has a doubtful selective immigration policy. In comparison to Australia that has a point-based system, the PR approval is completely up to the ICA discretion. However, applicants must take note that ICA has application guidelines, they will not justify the reasons for rejection.

Can foreigners obtain PR in Singapore?

If you are a married person applying for Singapore PR, you need to comply with all the needed requirements, it includes the child(ren) documents. Unmarried child aged under 21 years old within the context of a legally married person. Foreign investors can also file for Singapore Permanent Residence.

Singapore Permanent Residency

When is Singapore PR valid?

The validity of Singapore PR takes 5 years to expire. Permanent residence in SG is an immigration status in the country, it is a second privilege to Singapore citizenship. Singapore OR have most of the following:

  • Rights
  • Privileges
  • Obligations
  • Responsibilities
  • Compulsory contributions

The notable exceptions include can’t vote, can’t hold public office, limited public benefits, lower public school placement priority, and limited driving transport services. The Singapore PRs are allowed to live, study, work, and retire in Singapore with no time limitation. The PR status is robust but not absolute.

PRs are subject to renewal or re-entry permit (REP) requirements if the person wishes to leave Singapore for any length of time. When the PR leaves Singapore with no valid REP, the PR status will automatically end. ICA generally renews REPs for five years, economic or some other relevant activity in Singapore.

The Immigration and Checkpoints Authority

ICA processes Singapore PR applications in three schemes:

  • Family ties
  • Professionals/Technical Personnel and Skilled Workers (PTS)
  • Global Investor Programme

ICA receives applications via an online system. Applicants should pay a non-refundable processing fee. Permanent Resident is central to Singapore nationality law. PRs can apply for citizenship.

Seeking to apply for Singaporean PR but unsure of the Singapore PR application documents? Click here to find out more.