April 23, 2024

Compliance officers or Chartered Secretaries

The service which is in the senior most position in a private sector or company or in a public sector organization is called as a company secretary. The company secretary Singapore is an internationally designated profession which is recognized. They are also called as legal officers, compliance officer or charted secretaries.


Normally the company secretary Singapore are experts in fields of economics law, capital marketing, securities laws and corporate laws they are also called as corporate secretaries. They are the prime people to govern the administration of the company with regard to the decisions made by the directors of the organizations and board of directors. The secretaries work is varied types of fields of business sometimes they tend to run their own private jobs too. The company secretaries are considered to be the in house legal assistants or officers with regard to the all the legal aspects of the organization.

Major Services:

The company secretaries are professionally very much competitive they are very much exposed to various defined fields in like media, entertainment,restructuring, insolvency they are like members who give major advisories services and technical libraries and also technical helps they do have very much specialties in professional style of networking, business developmental skills and career of the companies. They are judicial system to the company with legislation and regulations and legal responsibilities of the company. They are the people who make the directors work with law and within the limits of the law. They also regulate the financially profits and inform to the shareholders and their duty to issue dividends to maintain good company record.

Responsibilities of the Company Secretaries:

The responsibilities of the company secretaries are following the company should and must appoint a secretary within 6 months of establishment.  The responsibilities are as follows

  • Maintaining proper registers of all the transactions
  • Filling annual returns of the company
  • Preparing board meeting with agenda and annual meeting too
  • Amendments made by the company constitution timely which are help during the meeting discussed in the board meetings
  • Filling updates of shares,directors’changes, shareholders changes, changes made in the company timely with all updates
  • The company secretaries like legal filing agent or qualified Invidia for company.


The company secretaries are like major backbones to the companies as the legal aspects of the company are majorly dealt by them. Some times they can overrule the Directors decisions also if the decision is made out of the law. They are the people who scrutinize the legal aspect of any decision of the company and financial aspects of the company. They are the people who govern the constitution of the company and care take over the implementation policy as per the constitution of the company.