June 24, 2024

Understand More About How To Rent an Office in Hong Kong


This is a practical guide for people who do business in Hong Kong and want to rent an office in Hong Kong but don’t know how to proceed. Get more help from https://hongkong.asiaxpat.com/directory/fitness-recreation/fitness-adventure-centres/. This will help you choose the right place and put in a sufficient lease.

  1. Understand the various business areas in Hong Kong and make the right choice according to your requirements. The central region, the most sought after, is located in the center of the nervous city of Hong Kong, Sheng Wang is an ancient commercial district in northwestern Hong Kong, famous for dried seafood merchants. Wai Chai and Causeway Bay are located near the center and are densely populated areas with shopping centers, and the Admiralty is popular among multinational corporations. East Island is Hong Kong’s most planned business district; TsimShaSuri is distributed with financial institutions, hotels, and shopping centers.
  1. How long do you want to stay in Hong Kong? Will you hire or transfer staff to Hong Kong? If you need a short-term office, consider renting an office in Hong Kong. If you need a regular office with a lengthy rental, you should work with a real estate agent or browse real estate portals online. If you decide to work with a real estate agent, work with someone who has the appropriate state license.


  1. When renting a serviced or regular office, always check your location with the budget, and then compare the available options.
  1. You must make an offer letter and pay a security deposit after choosing an office. The offer letter serves as a temporary lease. A mortgage is equivalent to a monthly rent (in some cases – 3 months) and is refundable. When a landlord signs an offer letter, he cannot provide the same office to any other client.
  1. Then the time comes for signing the lease, which is an official document and contains the rights and obligations of the lessee and lessor. That deposit has been returned. For ordinary offices, the typical rental period is 2-3 years and can be extended by mutual agreement. Serviced offices are available for a short period (from 1 month and above).
  1. Tenants must pay monthly maintenance fees that are calculated on a square foot basis. One-Time stamp duty is required to rent a regular office space. When renting a serviced office, stamp duty is not required.
  1. Tenants who use a real estate agent must pay a fee.

8. In the event of a dispute, the lessee and the lessor turn to the real estate agent to make decisions, and then to the Real Estate Relations Court or the Small Claims Court if no agreement is reached. A dispute does not arise when a tenant leases a serviced office. Learn more about this by visiting https://hongkong.asiaxpat.com/hongkongbusinesscentres/.