June 24, 2024

Top Ten Trends Affecting China Mobile’s Web Development Plan – English Translation Version

In 2016, China Mobile put forward the “big connection” strategy. On the one hand, it will accelerate the construction of basic network capacity and network transformation, constantly consolidate the foundation for development, and strive to achieve leading network capacity. On the other hand, it will accurately grasp the business development trend, adhere to the full-swing integration development, to achieve a steady growth in business revenue.

Facing the development trend in the next three to five years, the network construction of China Mobile not only needs to implement the national development requirements, but also needs to meet the needs of individuals, families, government and enterprise users, and also needs to conform to the trend of technological development.

The state requires state-owned enterprises to play a greater role in promoting economic development and maintain and increase their value. The new normal of China’s economic development is more obvious. The central government has made a series of arrangements to promote the economic transformation and upgrading and the transformation of driving forces, requiring the digital economy to become bigger and stronger and expand new space for economic development. This has brought new opportunities to the sustainable development of the company.

The transformation and reform of state-owned enterprises are in a critical period, and the central government has high expectations for state-owned enterprises to become stronger, better and bigger. It requires state-owned enterprises to become an important force to strengthen comprehensive national strength, promote economic and social development, guarantee and improve people’s livelihood, which puts forward higher requirements for the future network investment efficiency of China Mobile.

In December 2016, the state-owned assets supervision and administration commission issued by the head of the central enterprise operating performance evaluation method “(see English translation), specifically for China Mobile’s this kind of business is in the national security, national economy important industries and key areas, the main business companies responsible for national major projects, ensure reasonable return and state-owned capital value, on the basis of national strategy, strengthen the service safeguard national security and national economic operation and development of forward-looking strategic industries, and complete assessment of the special task.

On October 9, 2016, the political bureau of the CPC central committee carried out the 36th collective study on the implementation of the strategy of building a cyber power. General secretary Xi has made six important instructions for accelerating the construction of a cyber power, aiming to make unremitting efforts towards the goal of building a cyber power. Six speed up including: accelerate the network information technology independent innovation, accelerating the economic development of digital economy to promote and accelerate improve the level of network management, speed up the ability of cyberspace security defense, speed up the use of network information technology to promote social governance, and accelerate the promotion of cyber space in China’s international voice and rules.

In December 2016, the state council issued the 13th five-year national informatization plan, which proposed the overall development goal of national informatization. In January 2017, the ministry issued the information communication industry development plan (2016-2020), in order to further promote the information industry with various industries in various fields of economic and social development as the main line, put forward the perfect infrastructure, the innovation service applications, strengthen the industry management, strengthening the security key task item four priorities and 21. The “two plans” put forward clear requirements for China Mobile’s information infrastructure construction and digital business development. These materials have been translated into multiple languages and published by professional translation service providers.

Broadband networks are playing an increasingly prominent role as strategic public technical facilities in the new era. High-speed, high-quality and inexpensive broadband network infrastructure is an important prerequisite and basic platform for the implementation of major national strategies and action plans such as “made in China 2025”, “mass entrepreneurship and innovation” and “Internet plus”. Since 2015, China Mobile has been deeply implementing the international requirements of speed up and fee reduction. With the continuous implementation of measures such as zero traffic, reducing international roaming fee and canceling long roaming fee, China Mobile has achieved a substantial decline in data traffic fee. In 2015 and 2016, China Mobile’s data traffic fees decreased by 42.5% and 36.4% respectively.

Specifically: in 2017 the government work report this year network speed JiangFei want bigger strides, the abolition of all years long distance and roaming phone home, greatly reduce the small and medium-sized enterprise Internet line access rates, reduce international long distance, promote “Internet +” in-depth development, promote the digital to speed up the economic growth, benefit enterprise wide, common public benefit.

It is expected that the next few years traffic, broadband cable charges will still maintain a rapid downward trend. “Speed up” needs to increase infrastructure construction expenditure, “cost reduction” will affect the growth of traffic flow and broadband income, which brings greater pressure on enterprise operation, and the importance of investment efficiency will also be constantly improved.

This document was originally published in Chinese Mandarin language. The content published here is in English translation, with certain cuts / additions and modifications for adaptation.