May 30, 2024

Things which Everyone should know about AS400

AS400 cloud solutions

What do you mean by AS400?

AS400 is a form of server that is specially designed for small businesses and departments of large enterprises to allow them to work in distributed networks. There are more than 100, 000 companies which use this technology which exists within IBM i to support and offer managed services to the most critical application. Hence why not you be the next to get started with AS400 cloud solutions that is one of the best platforms which was first introduced on June 21, 1988, which got renamed as eServer iSeries in 2000. Therefore even today this Application Software400 is used in most of the hospitals to banks and leading manufacturing and distribution centres to retailers and government agencies that are installed and functional on the cloud.

Things which everyone should know about AS400:

As discussed earlier this Application Software400 is still in use among the leading companies that are renamed as iSeries that is easy to use and integrates with computers that are designed for small and large enterprise level companies. Start off with IBM Power Systems to drive innovation which many had accessed till now and brings better ideas to life for businesses to spread across the globe.

Not only this it is also advantageous in IT sector for reducing the cost for managing this process making it cost-efficient, reliable and ease the usage for increasing the performance of the application to meet stringent SLAs and maximise ROI. Therefore reach Cloud400 who are experts to offer the best services to their clients for cloud hosting to ease their business-critical applications as they stand as premier business partners for IBM i hosting that is functional since 1988.

AS400 cloud solutions

The IT industry keeps on changing and brings new software applications to run on computers after HP servers that are most used in around 100, 000 companies so far that is popular in tech industries, for manufacturing computer software and to rule IT industry. Hence get handy this operating system for your company to increase and future proof the SAP future that boosts you to enhance the power of IBM Power8Servers to make your application run on their IT systems which leave a huge impact for citing its performance, reliability and scalability.

This platform also offers a deep understanding of this application software400 to host anything making it reliable, scalable and cost-effective inside of cloud to find only solutions. Therefore implement the wide range of applications through this Application Software which is used to increase the popularity of cloud solutions that works better with a channel partner to compete with database management systems such as Oracle Database.


Get yourself familiarised with the IBM Power system that is inexpensive than the from entry-level system to high power which makes it the redundant server that can be used to offer a performance edge for the Power-based systems that again depends on the architecture and workload. Stay ahead of your competitors using this inexpensive platform that is best known as IBM AS400 that is specially designed to install and configure making it backwards compatible and beat your competitors that is available to reduce the cost of transformation for IBM cloud solutions.