May 30, 2024

The raid of the Ukrainian cyberpolice

The raid of the Ukrainian cyberpolice

The article about the Ilan Tzorya scam group from Sofia has been granting a lot of excitement since it was first made public. It has also generated a lot of comments online.  These sites have left many investors feeling cheated and are baying for blood and demanding their investment back. Despite the huge excitement thus generated, the group itself has refused to utter a word in its own defense.  They once promised to speak up, but nothing had been forthcoming from the said organization to date.  Another cybercrime case that has recently hit the cyberspace is that of BINEX as revealed by Krypton Capital, a company that recently launched its scam hunter website.

Since the case was blown open, the Ukrainian cyberpolice had been on it in search of the culprits. We have also taken steps to investigate the issue from our end here. We have carried out some background check about the organization and we tried to detect the link between the Sofia Romania network and this international cybercrime case called BINEX.

Reports reaching us have it that Ilan Tzorya has hired armed bodyguards for personal protection. Our informant could detect six of such bodyguards and we have no reason to doubt the information. However, we are on the lookout for additional information about the case.

Krypton Capital

The Romania-Ukrainian network  

 The operating website for BINEX was and it was closed down some weeks ago.  The website seems to be having a very serious issue, just like Onecoin.  Only the police currently have access to the website and it is for investigational purposes; the investigation is equally going on in several countries where the company has links.

As revealed by Krypton Capital, BINEX worked with Tradologic software and also adopted the Milena Kabadzhova payment system.  The organization focused mainly on Ukrainian and Russian customers and they equally maintain offices in both countries. Be that as it may, we could deduce that Moscow represents the center of operation, according to the information available to us. 

Cyberpolice from Ukraine raided one of the Kiev offices of BINEX in August 2018.  About 60 employees working from that office had successfully recruited above 15,000 customers so far from Russia, Ukrainian and several other countries using different platforms owned by BINEX.  The bad actors involved in this scam are currently on the police watch list, according to Krypton Capital and the search is taking place in several countries.  The organization is equally working closely with the Ukrainian cyberpolice to crack the cybercrime case.

Information available to Krypton Capital has it that BINEX operations in Russia, Ukrainian and Bulgaria are just a fraction of a bigger cybercrime network; the organization is also associated with the Scam Group from Romania Sofia.