June 25, 2024

The New Pergolas Canada Is Looking For

Pergolas Canada Is Looking For

Pergolas are garden features that are generally used to cover seating areas in the garden. They are made with vertical posts that support cross-beams, all of them generally made of wood, which are covered with hanging plants or vines. However, there is a new type of pergola that is becoming quite famous, the Aluminium ones! And these are the types of Pergolas Canada now wants!

Why does Canada want them?

Canada is a country that has extreme weathers and snowfall. But the people of canada are especially fond of the outdoors, even if it is their backyard. So the easiest solution would be these aluminium pergolas that are very durable and also quite cheap compared to traditional wood pergolas. Also, the are relatively stronger than the ones made of wood, as aluminium is three times as strong as wood. The most special quality of these pergolas is that the top has louvers, which are angled slats, which are adjustable and provide cover from the wrath that mother nature may decide to inflict on the people.

Perks of getting Aluminium pergolas

The pergolas canada is making a shift towards are made of aluminium because:

  • Aluminium louvered pergolas have no need of maintenance. As the structure is powder coated, there is no need of repainting them. The pergola can handle any type of weather as aluminium is one the most durable metals.
  • The louvers can be opened and closed to control the amount of sunlight that passes through the top of the pergola. So, if the louvers are fully closed, the people sitting under the will be completely safe from the scorching sun.

Pergolas Canada Is Looking For

  • This feature helps to control the temperature inside the pergola. When the sun is too hot and the temperature is too hot, the louvers and the curtains can be closed completely to cool the pergola. Once the temperature starts falling, the louvers can be opened up.
  • Also, when the louvers are completely shut, it forms a completely waterproof seal that does not allow any water to enter. So, the people can enjoy even when there is rain outside.
  • The powder coating on the pergolas create a classy modern look that goes well even with previously existing outdoor spaces.

Price of the Pergolas

The price of the pergolas canada wants depends on a lot of factors. If the pre-built set is ordered that can just be assembled at home, then the price will be less. Custom ordered sets are generally pricier. Keeping all these factors in mind, the pergolas can cost anywhere between 96$-160$ Canadian.

These are the factors that are changing the Canadians from the traditional wood to aluminium pergolas that are sturdy and also look beautiful.