May 30, 2024

The Need For Session Border Controllers

Session Border Controllers

The internet has been around for a long time. It has several uses but none of those uses come close to being as important as communicating with a different person. The Internet is basically a world wide communicating tool, which can be used for communicating messages or information all across the world in a matter of seconds. But there lies a huge risk factor in such scenarios. It is because as the internet is a huge connection of network webs, there lies a chance of the whole system to throw out some information. It becomes worse of fear when the information is confidential and a part of a big enterprise. This information can prove to be simply disastrous and can ruin the company’s image and popularity all in one go.

This is Session border controller comes in. Session Border controller is the thing installed by large enterprises to protect their information from being leaked.  It is a network function that secures your information and prevents them from being fallen into the wrong  hands

Voips or Voice Over Ip is basically the channeling Internet and multimedia content that is available over the Internet Protocol. It helps deliver voice messages over the internet. Voips SBC  forces security and quality over the Voips session. SBC is created to protect VoIP from the breach. Voips SBc acts as a barrier between the information from voice being exposed onto the world.

There are corrupted fraudsters everywhere nowadays.  It becomes somewhat of a profit for hackers and fraudsters to get that information and sell it to a rival company which can prove to be utterly catastrophic for the former enterprise.

Session Border Controllers

What are the uses of sbc?

SBC can have several uses.

  • It can be used to protect and secure your private information from being leaked.
  • It makes the Voips messages encrypted.
  • It helps to run smooth connectivity between two devices.
  • SBC provides regulatory services like the prioritization of emergency calls.
  • It can be useful for an interception that is under the law.
  • It can be used for traffic policing.
  • It can help in providing VPN connectivity etc.

Session Border Controllers are different for large enterprises and service providers. The SBC’s used for large enterprises are known as enterprise-SBC.

There are basically three types of SBC’s available: The Acme Packet, Audio Codes, and Ignate. They are different in types of functionality and technology.


Session Border Controllers are a necessary item for large enterprises as it helps the company’s data remain protected against hackers and fraudsters. Without SBC, the security of both large enterprises and service providers can be questionable and the results can simply prove to be hazardous.