June 25, 2024

The brand new concept of shared office spaces in Hong Kong

Running a business is very amazing and enduring to try out. At first, it is so amazing to try it out but then one tension before you start it all is finding office space. Offices are your professional zones where you do and your employees do your work. But, then in a country where everything is developing at a very fast pace, you get lost and confused as either there are very fewer options or there are a lot. Both ways it is difficult for you even think of spending months getting that one place.

Normally, office space is very formal and professional. But what if your office was fun rather than very boring?

The one place for your office

In a place like serviced office central Hong Kong, you expect everything to busy but yet so fun that you feel happy there. One of Hong Kong’s best, Eaton Club is bringing to you your dream. They give you the option of a shared office Hong Kong. Yes, an office space that is shared. Bt not to worry, you will have your own privacy, completely.

  • They are a social work club which combines the environment of both the workplace and a private member’s lounge.
  • If you have any private event that requires premium and deluxe attention to it, you can do that too.
  • And if you want to have an office space where you want to have an option of office space with a very chic look, this is your one-stop destination.

Shared office space

  • There building is placed just in between the heart of banking, commerce, and financial area in the Central.
  • The premium private offices’ suites provide you a space for 8 to 12 members team. It gives you services of- unlimited printing services both black & white and color, daily cleaning, dedicated phone sets and number, 24×7 access to tej office, 100MB high speed internet both cable or wi-fi, post service, monthly meeting room, meeting room bookings, furniture, event bookings, complimentary corporate lounge membership, access to the lounge, etc.
  • Virtual office spaces are also available which will provide you services 0f- mail handling service of forwarding, email notification, and storage, call answering service including 24 hours voicemail, voicemail transcription into email format, and call forwarding to your designated number, business af=dresss registered at their centre, message delivery via email, fax or phone, meeting room credits per month, etc.

You can contact them on their telephone number, email them if you have any queries, or can visit them in their corporate office only. This is a new type of professional office working, you will not be bored with the daily tasks and will enjoy your every single second you spend here.