April 23, 2024

Stuff Your Office Pantry With Healthy Foods And Fruits, And See The Positive Results

Stuff Your Office Pantry With Healthy Foods And Fruits, And See The Positive Results

Eating organic foods have been proven to be very beneficial to our health, and what more if you share it with the entire company? There is a lot of clamors lately that employees across the United Kingdom asking their employers to stuff their pantries with fresh fruits, particularly organic fruits and food instead of cookies, sugary foods, and junk foods.

This even led to several health studies that found out that a company’s office that supplies fruits and vegetables in its pantry increases the job satisfaction of its employees and even boosts the loyalty of the employees as well, and even decreased the number of absenteeism, and this could even attract new generation employees especially millennials who are more concern of the perks and benefits that they can get in applying for a job.

Offering the employees, a healthy snack like organic fruit in the office pantry is a very good example of a healthy workplace, that leads to good business, and boosts productivity and increases the quality of work output of the employees.

According to studies, there are more than fifty percent full-time employees who are very happy with their current job, and that even increased to more than sixty percent because they have free access to free food, but that happiness would be replaced with a lot of concerns particularly the health of the employees if the free food in the pantry is not healthy. However, if the food being served at the pantry is completely healthy, there is a higher work satisfaction that will surely contribute to the company’s productivity.


According to studies, there are around thirty-three percent of the entire workforce in the world that is made up of millennials, and this will increase to forty-six percent by 2020 according to Forbes.com. And millennials are more demanding when it comes to their benefits, rights, and even perks before someone or some company can offer them a job, and what way to attract millennials to work for your company is to offer them some delightful perks such as free organic and healthy foods in the pantry.

However, it is not just about serving them healthy and organic food, it is all about their preferred lifestyle and their awareness in protecting mother earth by supporting local organic farming, and having a conscientious lifestyle.

One of the best foods that you can serve to your office pantry is organic fruit. To learn more on how to get delivered fresh organic food regularly at your office pantry, click on this link fruitfuloffice.co.uk.

The food that the employee eats during the work is highly significant for their ability to become productive at work. Glucose or sugar is very important for their brain to function well, and if the brain lacks the much-needed glucose, this could result in poor work performance.

Fruits, organic in particular contains the much-needed supply of glucose to provide energy to the employee. Fruits like banana, apple, orange, grapes, pear and other types of fruits are rich in glucose and other nutrients essential in keeping an employee energized throughout the day, not to mention healthy snacks and meals like nuts, whole-wheat bread, oats, lean meat, and vegetables.