June 24, 2024

Serving you the most authentic Peruvian food

Authentic Peruvian food

Freakin Incan restaurant serves you with the best flavour and fresh food that remains unique to Peru. In the restaurant, there are different offerings for you to pick including the fried steaks, fish and chicken, appetizers, seafood with citrus flavours and many more. Originally, for now, there are two convenient locations of the restaurant where you will get served with the best flavours that you could ever have from Peru. One of these locations is in Tucker and the other one is in Roswell. According to reviews the restaurant branches have earned huge respect and love coming from the people who have now become a permanent member of the food restaurant.

How can they provide Peru flavours?

There is a reason why there is a guarantee that you will be served with the best flavours of Peru. Mikiel Arnold who is the operator and owner of The Freakin Incan was born to an American father and Peruvian mother in Truijillo, Peru. His passion for cooking grew from the time he started seeing his grandmother cooking in the kitchen and from that very moment he fell in love with the cuisine and cooking. He moved to the US with his family at the age of 6 and annually paid a visit to Peru and continued to enjoy cuisine and food that was certainly not available in the country at that time.

Authentic Peruvian food

After completing the graduation Chef Arnold worked under several different positions in the business of restaurant and soon he got the opportunity to help to start a family-owned burger in the Tucker Georgia. But this didn’t stop him anywhere he completed his vision of providing people with a food choice that is flavorful and affordable at every means. This vision met with the desired completion when he opened The Freakin Incan food trailer/truck.

The food truck business is based on the Peruvian theme which is quite affordable to have and brings profits in return. There are different layers of flavours which are here to explode in your mouth. There are dishes like empanada de lomo saltado along with the alfajor confections are of highest choice. These dishes showed excitement and growth that led to the success of the Freakin Incan.

You can have flavours from the best food truck and the flavours are here to provide you with the best taste that you ever had in life. This is by far the best place where you can try the Peruvian food and enjoy the delight of being served by the most loved chef of the community. You can call for taking away from the restaurant or simply dine-in whenever you find yourself near to the place.