June 24, 2024

Nahimic – Audio Solution for Mac


Although better known for improving the audio experience for gamers, Nahimic launched a downloadable audio app in January 2019. Although only available for Mac devices using macOS Sierra at the moment, Nahimic are developing versions for other devices with a Windows version due to be released in late 2019.

This audio app for music, movies and multimedia allows real-time processing of your listening experience on your Mac. It can also be adjusted according to whether you’re watching a movie or enjoying your favourite music.

The Nahimic for Mac incorporates three features:


  1. 3D Sound

Despite listening through a stereo device, the 3D feature immerses you in the sound so it emulates real-world sound and seems to be coming from the front, sides and centre. When watching movies or series, this puts you in the middle of the action and adds to your excitement and suspense while it improves the sound quality of your music library.

  1. Volume amplification

This feature allows you to boost the volume of whatever you are listening to. It can overcome the volume limitations of your computer but without any latency which distorts the sound quality. This enables you to increase the sound in order to share the listening experience with others.

  1. Device calibration

This feature permits you to optimise the audio set up without compromising on the sound quality. It is compatible with Bluetooth, all streaming services as well as all audio devices including speakers, headphones, headsets, USB and Wi-Fi. The way that it enhances the sound means that it is no longer necessary to purchase top-of-the-range audio devices.

With a special promotional offer of an annual subscription costing just under 10 euros, Nahimic are also offering a free 15-day trial for anyone wishing to see whether the app lives up to its claims.