June 25, 2024

Keeping Your Business Secrets Safe From Your Competitors

If you are a small business, then you probably don’t have a flashy Cisco firewall that can block hackers thanks to its trusty VPN encryption. That means your business is protected only by the router provided by your internet company.

There have been numerous corporate scandals in which the larger companies hire what have been dubbed as the ‘Private Investigators of the Internet’ – essentially hackers that spyon other businesses to figure out ways to poach their customers and spot possible new campaigns or packages that may be coming on the market.

There are a few reasons other companies will hack your business router:

  • Find out your customer information
  • Discover new promotions before you release them
  • Look for revenue figures

These are just three elements of your business you do not want your competition finding out about. However, the reality is that if a manager was scrupulous enough to illegally hire a hacker to discover competitor secrets, the hacker will target easy to access systems.

Most internet routers provided by internet service providers are standard builds, so it is not hard to a hacker to find a backdoor or already know about one in these routers.

Other Reasons To Protect Youe Business Data

If you’re tired of having your every moment tracked online when surfing the internet or using apps, to many it is no secret to many that a VPN is what you should be using to keep everything that you do completely private. However, many of you will not have heard of a VPN and what it can do – which is why we are here to explain it to you.

So What is a VPN?

Whether you’re Spanish ‘que es VPN’, French ‘quel est VPN’, or Turkish ‘VPN nedir’, you will all now be wondering what is a VPN. A virtual private network as it is known in full is basically a private connection to the internet that you can use to keep your activity private and secure.

Think of it as your computer or device directly connecting to another in another location with the latter device then connecting to the internet from its IP address. The traffic and data sent between your computer and the one that it is connected to are encrypted which makes it completely secure.

Any activity you do on the internet is thus connected to that computer and its IP address rather than yours.

How Can a VPN Offer Privacy?

Put it this way, the most common way for people to get access to your searching history is via your ISP. Governments, corporations, and other agencies all rely on your ISP to hand over yours and everybody else data when connected to the internet.

With a VPN, even your ISP cannot see what you’re doing online. Your data is encrypted and only the VPN server itself will be able to read it.

Websites that you are visiting will also not be able to connect you as a visitor simply because you’re using the IP address of the VPN server rather than your own. This means that your IP will never be recorded as having visited the sites that you are and therefore there will be no data to sell or pass on.

What are the Benefits of a VPN?

Apart from the obvious privacy that you will now have when using a VPN, there are some other benefits and reasons why people are increasingly using them when connecting to the internet.

  • To circumvent censorship and geo-restrictions
  • For better protection when using public Wi-Fi hotspots
  • To download torrents and other files safely and securely
  • For increased speeds and better network performance

As you can see, a VPN is the only effective way to keep your online activity private. The only thing you will have to consider is which VPN to use. We recommend sticking to the most reputable of them, so make sure you do a bit of homework before signing up with one.