July 20, 2024

Investigation Services And Asset Tracing In Hong Kong

Many a time, individuals or businesses require investigation services for examining any suspicious person or activity. The highly agile and professional teams of top private agencies at Hong Kong, China and Macau, handle both private as well as corporate investigations.

How are movements tracked via surveillance?

  • The agencies hire operatives who can easily mingle into their outside ambience by using clandestine video cameras and regular vehicles.
  • All the information regarding the target is properly squeezed out, for example, the places where they visit, the people they meet and any other such noticeable acts.
  • The surveillance equipment provided is highly advanced with the help of which the target’s activities are documented.
  • Any suspicious activities which are detected in a business or matrimonial alliance are thoroughly watched, such as any feigned acts or tracing the roots of the same. While at public gatherings, the targets are followed for any corroboration or collusion.
  • At the same time, these agencies make sure that no laws are breached while audaciously aiming for the target goals.
  • Anyone who is seeking for such services can either contact the agencies on their number or visit their website: https://www.suzzess.com/Tracking-individuals’-movements-via-Surveillance.html.

Investigation Services

What is Asset Tracing?

A part of the investigation where the target’s assets are determined, and scrutinization of all the money generated as a result of criminal activities is done is known as asset tracing. The agencies in Hong-Kong work in close connection with the agencies all around the world for investigating matrimonial, litigation or fraud cases. Information is mustered up from databases which are open to public, investigation agency’s data and other informal sources.This set of information is compared to the official information such as shareholder records, land registration data and so on.

What is Asset Tracing used for?

Asset tracing is commonly used for the following purposes –

  • To analyse the condition of assets of companies and individuals before taking any legal action.
  • In order to enforce any judgement, to trace the assets of a defendant.
  • To identify the dissipation of assets that would lead to the support in matrimonial and liquidation prosecutions.

The ambit of enquiries under asset tracing is as follows:

  • The local and international databases are probed to find any genuine connections of the subject’s assets with them.
  • A probe into current and past companies related to the target that helps in finding out any subordinate companies whose identification may lead to the identification of assets.
  • A probe conducted on the target and related companies based on property and legality.
  • As a disguised operative, visit the places already visited by the target to get a know-how of any associated assets.
  • Search for bankers and financial institutions which can aid in searching for assets held.