April 23, 2024

How to Ensure the Productivity of Your Remote Workers

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The modern world is full of different working opportunities and some of these offer remote work. With a growing remote workforce, there are new challenges which businesses will have to face in order to advance along with the modern workforce. With that in mind, here are some of the sure-fire ways in which you can ensure the best productivity from your remote workers:

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Keep Communication High

The real trick to ensuring that productivity for your remote workers is good communication. If you don’t talk or communicate, then you are bound to feel like there isn’t any productivity going on with your remote worker. As, if you don’t see or know about all of the hard work going on from their perspective then it can be hard for them to display this.

Communication at any level needs to be at the heart of a business. But, this need doubles even more so when it comes to managing your remote workers alongside this. Good communication can ensure that productivity remains at a high level.

Check in and make sure that you have at least one call a day, just to make sure that everything is on track. It can keep you as a business reassured and give the remote worker the benefit of knowing they are not a forgotten silent member of the team.

Be Willing to Trust

The fact is that if you can’t trust your employees then offering remote work should not be an option for your business. As that level, distrust simply won’t work. The fact is that if you want to have the options and draw of remote working in your business, then you need to be willing

And if you can’t afford to offer your employees a little bit of trust? Then maybe to stick to more traditional methods of employment; with your workers all working from the same office space.

Allow for a Level of Flexibility

The main advantage of working remotely–for the employee–is an added level of flexibility it affords. Often, no commute and they are able to work in a way that fits their schedule. If you don’t allow for this flexibility, expecting your workers to fit into the same 9 to 5 schedule as if they worked in the office, then you may find yourself with issues. The employee could easily resent such constraints on what they expect to be a flexible working experience.

Ultimately, if you want remote work to be a part of your business then there needs to be a good level of flexibility involved.

Use Software

In the modern age, there are plenty of software solutions available to enable a business to work on a remote scale. This can be used to track employee performance, keep a constant contact/chat open with them if needed and simply help monitor that work is getting done. If you want to ensure more face to face, then perhaps video conferencing can also be a good thing to implement into your remote workers day to day.

If you use the right software, it’s easy to keep your remote and office-based team all on the same page. So, look into investing in something like Slack.

A full schedule/breakdown of items needed to be completed at a certain time can also work. It may be a little bit of a ‘micromanagement’ route, but if ensuring a certain amount of work is completed in a timeframe it can be an easy solution.

Schedule Regular Check-Ups

Mental health working from home can be a really important factor. It can be lonely, feel isolating over long periods of time and be generally unpleasant – which may lead to you requiring a mediation solicitor to resolve disputes. You should not let your remote situation worsen to a point where you need a corporate solicitor involved.

The one thing to remember with keeping up with your remote workers is that touching base can be as reassuring to them as it is to you. They may be feeling disconnected from the rest of the team. Or, simply, not feel as if they are able to talk about the day to day issues they face without it becoming an ‘issue’.


Concerns over the productivity of remote workers should not keep you from implementing such an incentive in your workplace. But, then you have to ensure you implement the right things in order to deal with these concerns or issues.

So, what are waiting for? Implement these changes today and you will find your remote structure that much better for it!