June 25, 2024

Getting to Know More About Woven Wire Mesh

Getting to Know More About Woven Wire Mesh

Whether it is for your house or your business, you should get to know more about woven wire meshes before you purchase so you can make an informed decision. You should start by understanding factors like mesh count, opening size, wire diameter, weaving patterns and materials used.

What is mesh count?

When you come across mesh count, you should understand that it refers to the number of openings per linear inch. Simply put, it is the number of meshes counted in a row.

What is the opening size?

The opening size is gauged as the clear opening between every wire. This is important to determine because it can help you identify what passes through the material and what does not. Keep in mind that whatever the pattern or the weave of the wire mesh, opening size is present. The opening size is vital for the filtration process.

woven mesh

How about the wire diameter?

As the name suggests, wire diameter refers to the thickness of every wire. When you are buying a wire mesh, this information is important.

Are there different types of weaving patterns?

There are different types of woven mesh or patterns. Here’s a list:

  • Plain weave: This is by far the most common type of weaving. In this type, the wires are woven alternately over each other.
  • Dutch plain weave: this is characterized by a warp wire that is closer to each other with barely an opening. Dutch plain weave offers a higher mechanical strength compared to the plain weave.
  • Twilled weave: twilled weave is characterized by a diagonal pattern. This is woven per two wires under and over the next pair of wires. The mesh is more stabilized with this pattern because it offers the possibility of using a thicker wire without deforming during the weaving process.
  • Dutch twilled weave: this pattern features a combination of Dutch plain and twilled weave. In this pattern, the warp wires are closer with weft wires having a smaller diameter. The Dutch twilled features strength and fineness. With this, it is used for heavy filtration. 

What are the materials used in making wire mesh?

The cost will mostly depend on the material used to weave the mesh. With this, manufacturers offer different price points according to the materials used. Ideally, you should look for stainless steel materials because they are cost-efficient as well as durable. You must also know that 304 Stainless steel is commonly used alloy today and it won’t hurt choosing such material.

Final words

You must know the different terms so you can figure out what you need at the onset. Keep in mind that there are many options out there but if you are an educated buyer, you can easily identify or pinpoint what you need and how much it will cost you.