July 20, 2024

Could printed bags be the key to successful marketing?

Raising consumer awareness of your brand is key to successful marketing. And, printed carrier bags are the most perfect solution for building awareness.

Why are printed carrier bags such a great marketing solution?

There are lots of reasons printed bags are a fantastic marketing solution. First and foremost, you can opt for the printed carriers best suited to your needs. Choose from plastic or paper carrier bags or even opt for more durable jute or cotton. This wide selection of available carrier bags means they are the ideal solution for any type of business organisation.

What’s more, the 10p charge for bags now levied by all the major supermarkets means consumers from every walk of life have more awareness of the value of carrier bags and tend to re-use them more frequently. Since the carrier bag charge was introduced in 2016-2017, 83% fewer bags have been distributed by the major supermarkets. People are developing the habit of toting re-useable bags around with them nowadays, which offers every kind of business a valuable promotional opportunity. After all, it could be your logo or product that’s featured on all these re-useable carriers!

Even more marketing opportunities after the year 2020

It’s anticipated that all retail outlets will need to levy a 10p charge for bags from 2020, irrespective of the size of the business or number of employees. This will increase the marketing potential for printed carrier bags even further.

What use do printed carriers have?

Printed carriers are great for handing out to contacts and visitors at exhibitions or conferences, as they’re really useful for holding oddments and other freebie promotions given by your brand or competitors. In the retail environment, printed carriers can be a fantastic advertisement for your outlet, particularly if you opt for striking colours or icons on high-quality paper.

From the moment a business contact leaves your office or exhibition stand or when a paying customer walks out of your retail outlet, the printed carriers they tote around will be a bold endorsement of your brand or products. This means your business will be effectively and subconsciously promoted for a substantial period of time.

Is it an expensive marketing solution?

Printed carriers can be an extremely cost-effective marketing solution. Particularly, if your budget already includes an allocation for carrier bags. If you already offer carrier bags to retail or trade customers, your printed bags will only cost a few pence more per hundred. The added benefit of customer re-use means your bags could have extremely extended use and will be a continual advert for your business.

Promotional products are fantastic marketing tools for any business and printed carrier bags are one of the best ways to ensure your brand is noted. When it comes down to ROI (returns on investment), printed carriers are an inexpensive marketing solution that can offer the most brilliant returns.

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