June 24, 2024

All you need To Know about Aaron Applebaum- The Owner of Appletec Ltd

Who is Aaron Applebaum?

Aaron Applebaum is the owner of the tech company called the Appletec, and the reason for stating his name in this article is to say that this man committed fraud and have been sued for that. He is a legitimate Israel businessman who in reality have invested a lot of frauds and have scammed the public in what not ways. For a long time, it has been noted in the press and the news that Aaron Applebaum has been used for the number of scams he has committed. The truth behind the Appletec Company is over here with the reality of the owner.

What do you need to know about him?

For a long time, you might have heard his name, but he is an owner for a multi-millionaire company called the Appletec. He also runs a lot of other companies and has joint ventures with the others. According to the press and the given news, it has been stated that this businessman called Aaron Applebaum have channeled the profits of the company and the money he has got from the investors. The payment was directed to the Israel Centre of Victims of Cults which is also known as the ICVC. This is also for the religious orthodox of the ultra-religious group called the Yad L Achim.

What is the current situation?

Under a mask and a secular rule, this ICVC has ruled a lot and have depicted the dangerous form of crimes among the poor and the innocent ones. The reason which makes this business such a fraud is the channeling of all the items and expenses into the center of cults and management which only uses them to target their victims and their families. This Yad L Achim has said to be funded by a lot of sources. Most of the sources come from heavy people in business, and Aaron Applebaum is one of the following.

The support he has shown to this group has been divided into two branches called the financial and the organization branch. In the economical ways, he is donating all his money to support only the extremists, and commonly, he is depicting this of something to be different. For the social activities, his company is collecting all the funds from the organizational and other events. This way, he is depicting and taking all the money of the investors from all and everyone.

Moreover, he is also training dangerous activities so that they can appear in different interviews of the media.