June 25, 2024

The Best Place To Stay In Bukit Timah

Mayfair Modern Condo

If you are looking for someplace to stay in Singapore, choose the Mayfair Modern Condo inĀ  Bukit Timah. This is one of the best premier condo residential locations you can find in Singapore. This residential condominium is under the development by Oxley Holdings. It consists of 386 condo units located at Rifle Range Road Along Dunearn Road, or Bukit Timah Plaza. The site has various amenities in the neighborhood providing each resident almost everything. Each unit has an average of 70 square meters, with a proper floor plan essential for families. This is a private residential site with plenty of benefits and is great as an investment as well. You can ensure to have the excellent living space and high land appreciation. This is an ideal place to stay in that adds value to your investment.

Enjoy Several Benefits

If you choose to stay at Mayfair Modern, you can ensure to enjoy several benefits. The place is surrounded with the availability of most necessities and amenities. This makes your living in the condo more convenient and entertaining. You can enjoy the shopping malls, entertainment and dining facilities around the place. You can access almost everything you need within walking distance of the property. If you want to unwind, there are nearby green spaces, parks and nature sites.

Mayfair Modern Condo

The place is worth living in is its unlimited supply of essential goods. If you make this condo your home, you will have a peace of mind for everything you need are few distances away. You don’t need travel long distances for essential supplies that your home depends on. You can always access some beauty centers, shopping malls, and some parks for a nature view. Mayfair Modern is a place where you can likewise enjoy some great foodstuff and best hawker food.

Choosing to live in this place will help you save a lot. You don’t get to spend so much on transportation due to some walking distance amenities. The place is so much good especially when you are commuting every day. It is a well-situated location that can cut such costs since everything is a distance away.

Bukit Timah is an Ideal Place

This condominium in Bukit Timah has a wealth of amenities. If you are going to invest in this place, you can ensure to live in a strategic location in Singapore. This is an ideal place for a permanent home address that everyone wants to live in Singapore. This is quite a great investment to venture on due to the enhanced look of the area that will boost your lifestyle. You won’t feel isolated living in this place, you can find some other neighborhood around it. The place has the excellent surveillance that functions 24/7, ensuring utmost safety.

Living in this unique site enables you to enjoy the neighborhood. You can also make benefits of the amenities around and the facilities they have. The place is great for a permanent stay with the best investment value as well. You have lots to gain with its impressive land appreciation rate in this region. Grab a unit and make it your home as you watch your investment gain value with time.