April 23, 2024



Plumbing also involves other works too such as prevention of any other incidents due to leakages and help avert dangers when natural disasters occur. Whenever earthquakes occur, there are times many pipes burst, and they can’t be prevented, but the gas leakage during these times can be done so. There are special valves known as the earthquake shut off valves. The earthquakes can damage the plumbing pipes as well as the gas pipes, these pipes may be subjected to cracking, shifting and other damages too. Get the plumber Philadelphia to help you with your plumbing works.

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The use of the valves helps preventing fires, explosions, poisoning by carbon monoxide that is released in the air, there will other foul odours and others. When there is the seismic detection by the instrument, it will automatically switch off the supply  to prevent any casualty. After the episode is over, you could call up the plumber Philadelphia and get the gas restarted to your home safely and in the right manner.

The need to be state approved device which is standardised and is of good quality. It should also be fitted into homes by professionals who know their job and do it correctly.

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During other natural calamities such as floods, you would naturally want to have moisture free basement, this can be done with the installation of sump pump which then the water is directed to the sump basin. The basements are prone to flooding and dampness which will be the breeding ground for mosquitoes, other disease spreading elements. The sump pump will prevent the collection of water and maintain the moisture free. There are other benefits of having a sump pump in your home as listed below

  • Prevents the growth of mold
  • Doesn’t allow for damage caused by water.
  • It does have a significant impact on the property value.

The installation process is a little complicated as it is a big task and it has to be done properly with the help of professional. The installation requires high powered tools, a good knowledge of the plumbing system. There is the need for an expert in the sewer lines too when you are installing the sump. Then only an efficient job is possible.

After you install the sump there is a need to maintain it, though they are low maintenance appliances, once a year servicing will suffice to keep it in a good condition and it will do its job efficiently when needed. when giving a maintenance check the expert will look into the following things such as

  • The discharge line has to be suitable either hard water or frozen water, if such issues are found they are unclogged.
  • The inlet screen can trap some residue along with the rainwater sometimes there are also debris. The need to check the screen regularly as this is the most amount of clogging can happen there isn’t free flow of water.
  • The float component will alert the system when there is excess water.
  • The pit is where the water is accumulated and it should be checked for mud and stones.