April 23, 2024

Design your Product with Prototype House

Every business owner wants to expand their business or quickly achieve their goals. One of the best ways to achieve business goals is through product development strategy. This strategy will help you to build the new product and also improve your existing product quality. Most people are anxious about new products and its benefits. Before launching the new product in the market, you have to select the targeted audience and market. Prototype House is the leading company that provides the product development services on a huge scale. They have an experienced team which has a lot of knowledge about product strategy, branding, manufacturing and product designing. The prototyping company also provides the service of 3D printing so that your product vision can be created in 3D prototypes.

The NDA sign in of the company will help you in the security of your products. Once you sign in the Non-Disclosures Agreement, then they will not give any information related to your products to the third party. All the product information will remain confidential. Prototype House has worked with 500+ brands and launched their products which include Walmart, Home Depot, Target and Bed Bath.  Their expert team has worked with the big brands and designed their products such as BMW, Big Red Roaster, Skill, Husky, and Ativa. This company was formed in 2013 and is headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Prototype House has professional designers, manufacturers, and engineers.

If you are launching or developing a new product, the first thing you have to do is to take the patent for your product. It is an agreement which includes the property right of the product. The patent will help the product from unwanted risk and theft.  Prototype House also offers free advice to clients about their products and product development strategy. This company helps sole entrepreneurs in launching and building their product in the market. They provide the full service of patents, design, packaging, manufacturing, and engineering. If you want to that your product to penetrate into every house, then what are you waiting forlet’s go!!and design your future.

There are three different types of patents as listed below:

  • Design patents: It helps in protection of product design, ornaments of your invention. This patent lasts up to 14 years from the date of issue, and this is an essential patent for your product safety.
  • Utility patents: This is the most common type of patents and of two kinds which includes provisional or nonprovisional. From this patent, you can easily claim for an invention for a specific period.
  • Provisional Applications: This will give you the immediate status about the pending patent and also provide the full right to file for the non-provisional application in next month. These are much cheaper than nonprovisional application.