April 23, 2024

Year: 2018

Most business owners tend to overlook the little things that can roll up quite a heft bill at the end of a financial year. These little things include how much stationeries are used, how much energy does the business premise use, how much ink is being used by the printers, the breakdowns, or even how much receipt paper rolls are used on a daily basis.

It is due to the fact that these things seem so trivial when looked upon singularly on a daily basis, it does not seem to matter, but if it was assessed over the period of a year and auditors are instructed to not add these elements as miscellaneous in the year-end financial statements, the big picture will be quite evident.

As a simple example, let us assume that the company uses an unnecessary amount of energy that totals to 5 dollars a day, the amount of 2 or 3 ply bond receipt paper rolls used on a daily basis amounts to another 3 dollars, stationeries are used excessively causing a loss of just 1 dollar and unnecessary printing costs another 1 dollar on a daily basis, now these things which are just off the top of a hat add up to 10 dollars a day which means at the end of the year the cumulative value of losses incurred by the business adds up to 3650 dollars.

receipt paper rolls

If the business had a total of 10 employees, what would be the outcome if at all these loses were curbed, saved up and given as an added bonus for each employee evenly split of 365 Dollars. Wouldn’t it make your employees happy? And when employees are happy, their performance at work is automatically enhanced due to job satisfaction.

In actual truth, the daily loses incurred by a company that has a workforce of 7 people or more generally cause loses of this form at an average of 0.50 to 1.00 USD. Just imagine if a business has 30 employees and based on the average 0.75 USD for each employee, the losses add up to 22.50 EACH DAY. Hence, in a year the total amount of loses snowball to more than 8,000 USD and if at all this money was saved and given back to employees on an even split, employees will have an extra 273.USD at the end of the year.

There are many ways that business operators both large and small may effect cost savings and reward employees with these saving at the end of the year. As a simple example, employees are only give 1 pen a month from the stationery controller (most companies just leave this unattended and ‘unintentional’ abuse becomes a common thing that nobody pays attention to.

If you are using 2 or 3 ply bond paper to issue receipts, change it thermal receipts as the price of Bond Paper (2ply or 3 ply) receipt rolls is four times higher meaning that if you are spending 1000 dollars currently for receipts alone, by changing your receipt system to thermal paper rolls, you will be reducing cost by 750 USD every year.

It is really simple, a great technology is required for your time to succeed. The hardest part is deciding the meaning of ‘great’ in managing remote teams. You can never find a manager who is working with an unlimited budget. Therefore, to make a good tech implies that you strike a balance between the expenses/cost, the team’s real needs, and productivity.

These balance means hitting to the basics. Phone calls, instant messaging and emails tools continue to become popular tools for better reasons. If you have something that is working hard for you, they should stick with it. First, start by recognizing your needs. Then choose the most accessible and simplest tools that relate to them.

 Based on the projects you are assigned to, you will have to improve your power out a little bit. If that’s so, you shouldn’t hesitate to look for more stylish options. But the options should be based on the needs and skills of the team. Considering all these guidelines, let’s take a look at these basic types the tools you may wish to consider:

Work Management Software

Task Management software enables the user to organize, allocate and track several tasks. It is much simpler to do list, in such that it allows the user to divide the project into various subtasks and examine their progress.

Employee Scheduling Software

The employee scheduling software is meant to develop, manage and maintain your team routine automatically. Also, they can be used to track your sick time and vacation.

Video Conferencing devices

Regardless of the conditions of your geographical distribute team, video conferencing can as well assist to gather everyone together.

Fifteen ways for Managing Remote Team

You’ve gathered your team and head them towards a revved-up teamwork that the current global market needs. Now keep it move over a long haul. The following are quick ways for managing a remote team and keep everyone on a similar collaboration page:

  1. Make it clear to every team member what you expect from them.
  2. Articulate the mission of team statement and the core values.
  3. Clarify achievable goals
  4. Initiate a possible time frame for each set of task
  5. Track development continuously and provide counsel appropriately
  6. Often avail yourself for the team
  7. Treat everybody with the same respect always
  8. Offer encouragement, support and praise always
  9. Have a regular meeting with your team
  10. Provide a supplement one-on-one training and coaching
  11. Promote shared leadership by rotating team members
  12. Plan for a ‘water cooler’ moments and make a mandatory participation.
  13. Offer a regular performance evaluation and request employee’s feedback.
  14. Show much you consider the development of their carrier by revealing their strength.
  15. Always act purposefully, in a manner that modulates your decision-making style

As a business owner, the money that you earn if the lifeblood of your company. There is lots to consider when looking at the financial aspects of your business; and in order to succeed, it’s important to ensure that you have considered every single financial outcome that can happen when you spend, earn or save money.

Whether your business is big or small, you need to have a financial strategy set in place. This will help you to expand your business and will help you to outline the steps you need to take and the financial goals you need to achieve in order to grow.

What is strategic financial management

Create a plan with your outlined objectives for your business and you can then create a consistent financial strategy to ensure that this is taken care of. Strategic financial management is the process that allows for the financial aspects for your business plan, like your business expenses and revenue, wages and so on, to be accounted for.

First and foremost, your business goals should be set up so that you have a clear goal to aim for and a clear path to follow. Once you have this strategy in place, it will be easier to create a clear path for your financial goals.

As well as having a set financial goal, you will also need to consider what is going on in the world and how this could affect you financially. There is a lot of discussion about Brexit and the prospect of no-deal at the moment. Whether your business is based in the UK, the EU or the US, you will need to consider this.

If the UK leaves the EU without a deal, then there is a high prospect that this could cause a recession in the UK. This will have global ramifications for businesses based in the UK, and UK trading partners and everything in between. This will also have an impact on your recruitment strategy which is also linked to how well your business will perform financially.

Why do you need a financial strategy

Starting a business without having a set financial strategy is like starting a car without putting petrol in it, the outcome will be undesirable. Many businesses fail within the first two years of opening, so it’s important to make sure that you have a plan in place to prevent this from happening to your business.

A well-planned financial strategy can help to elevate your business and can give you an advantage over your competitors. This will also help to keep you focused and on the right track to success. Many business owners get blind-sighted by the little things and this can often lead to the business taking different turns and making dire financial decisions.

Areas to consider when making a financial plan

When considering your financial strategy, there are two things that need to be considered and they are your revenue and your expenditure. It’s important to break down your expenditure into different categories, which we will now demonstrate for you.



Your employees are essentially the bread and butter of your company when they succeed, so do you. Recruitment is a large portion of the expenditure that you will encounter as a business owner. As mentioned previously, a hard Brexit could also mean that recruitment either becomes tighter, or it could become harder to recruit from overseas.

Businesses such as IAS and publications such as Entrepreneur are trying to raise awareness for this, in order to aid your recruitment strategy and prevent any drastic financial loss in the wake of this.


Client retention is becoming more and more important, as we are living in a world where every industry that is lucrative, is becoming more and more saturated. Clients can be easily tempted by your competitors, so it’s important to do your research and to stay ahead of the market.

Once you have your clients on board, it’s important to set up a growth strategy to work in line with your financial plan. Either invest in a business development adviser or network with people to expand your business and your financial income.

Financial institutions like banks and mortgage companies fully understand the difficult process of purchasing a house, which is considered as the top investment for a regular person.

Regardless if you are a first-time buyer or you are an experienced buyer, you should be fully aware that mortgage works as a loan that is applied to secure an immovable property or asset which in other words is a house. This mortgage is lent to you as a whole or a lump sum to purchase the property you desired and must be paid back in a period of time.

Having said this, it is pretty important for everyone to be familiar about home loan which is required from you in order for you to be knowledgeable about the precautions that you must take to make sure that you are not just qualified but also well-aware about the money that you borrowed from the financial institution that you have chosen.

In this article, let us talk about how to do finances from OnQFinancial particularly in the aspect of home loans.

First off, you should be a hundred percent sure that your estate agent and your mortgage company is reputable and legitimate, because nowadays, there are a lot of scammers out there who are willing to do anything to rob you of your money. Also, reputable real estate agents and mortgage companies provide you nothing but the best decisions for your specific needs in earning your own home loan.

down payment programs

They are the ones that act not just the seller but also the ones who will guide you financially of your mortgage that is why you should learn the things about loan application processes before you even fill up that application form.

There are actually five types of mortgage options that you can choose from depending on your financial capabilities and we listed it for your convenience.

Variable Home Loan
Capped-Rate Home Loan
First-time Buyers Home Loan
Fixed-rate home loan
Reducing or step-down home loan

Variable Home Loan- this is the most common for new homeowners because its interest rate is always attached to the prime loan rate, meaning, if your prime loan base rate decreases, the interest rate follows as well.
Capped-rate home loan- This is the most strict type of home loan in terms of application because of its benefits. The most popular benefit of this is its interest rate which will not affect if there is a fluctuation and you are only required to pay with the agreed capped rate.

First-time buyers home loan- Technically it is for first-timers who wants to invest in buying a home. This is the type of loan that first-time home buyers can lend to a financial institution with a 100-percent purchase price that includes add-ons.

Fixed-rate home loan- It has a fixed interest rate in a certain period of time where the base home rate is lower than the fixed-rate but this type of loan protects your loan from increasing rates.
Reducing or step-down home loan- There is a guaranteed small interest rate which gradually decreases over the agreed period of payment, despite the interest rate rises or falls in your home loan.

Since globalization, we have seen a rising trend in business profitability as the area of operation for business has expanded substantially. With multinational corporations setting up shop in foreign countries to enjoy the various benefits including lower labor costs, the reduced tax rates, surplus labor, low-cost raw materials and much more, the outsourcing process has also got a push start due to this. The popularity and the benefits of outsourcing have attracted almost every organization to adopt this practice and enjoy the perks that with it.

What is business process outsourcing?

Outsourcing refers to delegating your work to another person or entity in place of the required payments. This outsourcing can be non-contractual or contractual, like between two registered companies whereby one company outsources their manufacturing and assembling process to another company for a fixed period.

Why do the businesses wish to outsource their process?

The present economy is marred with slowdowns and recession, in this scenario; you need to spend every dollar optimally. Outsourcing provides an advantage of completing the same work at lower costs than what would have to be paid in the home country. The reason is that the home country’s labor and raw materials costs are bound to be higher which reduces the profit margins.


Moreover, with the outsourcing, the scope of expanding the business increases substantially. This is because the production process is continuing seamlessly and, in the meantime, you can focus on other important activities. The most common expenses in our case pertain to backend costs like machine depreciation and maintenance costs.

When you hire a client to work for you, the hired entity has to ensure that the process continues with the latest technologies and you leverage the best of everything without investing heavily on such peripherals and technologies.

What is the scope of outsourcing for a business?

There are three areas in which the business process outsourcing is prevalent these are:

  • Finance: The financial hold the most important place in business outsourcing as hiring permanent accountants is costly; instead some firms handle accounts for various organizations at once.
  • Endorsement: Every business today hires additional advertising agencies to endorse their products and gain popularity in the market.

Customer support: A 24*7 customer support system enhances the business profile and projects a customer-friendly image in the market. This helps organizations satisfy their customers and gain additional customers.

If you want to buy an affordable and reliable Point of sales system for your business, Edgeworks is one of the best options for you. They provide POS and Inventory software solutions with top notch qualities. Over 1000 customers are satisfied with their business solution services. Edgework is one of the preferred solutions for you. They believe in providing POS system that is easy to use, reliable and scalable. If you’re starting any café, retail, or any wholesale business, Edgeworks helps to provide great solutions that meet with your requirements. You can choose a POS System according to your business requirements and suitable for your business.

  • Equip Retail Point of Sales: They provide top POS solutions for retail businesses. These POS solutions are more reliable, easy to use, scalable system with hardware and additional modules integration. Through this platform, you can buy a perfect POS system for retailer businesses at affordable rates.
  • Equip Beauty Point of Sales: Edgeworks also provides great quality POS solutions to Beauty production businesses. If you’re starting your beauty business, you can easily buy from this platform. They have especially designed software for beauty industries for places like the Salon, Spa, and gym centers. The Point of Sales solutions provide great features to operate smoothly.

point of sales

  • Equip F&B Point of sales: If you’re starting your restaurant or café, you can keep an eye on the customer’s daily order and history that can help promote your business. The Edgeworks POS system is also beneficial for your startup restaurant.
  • Equip mobile insight: Through mobile insight empowers, you can retain information through the mobile of your retailer business. With the assistance of mobile insight solutions, you can make better business decisions.
  • Equip Wholesale management system: In the modern world, managing a wholesale business is very challenging. So, Edgeworks provides a great POS solution for your wholesale business transactions as well as an inventory system.

All of the above industries can get a POS system from Edgework at affordable rates. They have already worked with a hundred businesses in Singapore an Asia. Edgework is one of an ideal platforms for businesses who want to start. They provide great solutions to prevent problems and loss. They provide reliable and easy to use software solutions to their customers. Through this platform, you can also get a free demo of any software.

The larger part of homebuyers gets their money and loan through a mortgage broker— who is an expert in the matter of arranging and sorting through the alternatives for you. A mortgage broker goes about as being your operator to “shop moneylenders” for the ideal credit terms, given your monetary situation and objectives. Numerous states require mortgage broker to be authorized, and singular home loan merchants are sometimes credited by the National Association of Mortgage Brokers (NAMB).

How Mortgage Brokers Help Home Buyers

A decent broker will enable you to locate the best home loan by:

  • Conversing with you about your money related position and objectives,
  • Finding and disclosing financing choices available to you,
  • Working with you to get preapproved for a home loan (after you choose which credit you need).
  • Helping you finish your advance application, affirmation of work and wages, financial data, credit report, and other documentation the moneylender needs.

When approved, a broker will audit the documents related to loan previously before you sign them, facilitate the property evaluation, and go about as a contact between you and the moneylender up through the end day.


How Mortgage Brokers Get Paid

With respect to pay, mortgage brokers make the vast majority of their cash by increasing the expenses on the credit the wholesale lender is putting forth. This may get passed on to the customer as points (one point is 1% of the credit value), handling expenses, or a higher loan interest rate on the home loan you’re getting. Even though the broker’s commission at last leaves from your pocket, a clever borrower can bring down an expense that appears to be unnecessarily high. A great home loan agent ought to have the capacity to spare you what might as well be called his or her profit to say the very least, by discovering you a more moderate home loan than you could situate without anyone else.

The Difference Between a Mortgage Broker and a Mortgage Lender

Rather than working with a mortgage broker, some homebuyers go straightforwardly to a bank, credit association, or other commercial moneylenders, for example, a nearby bank office. On the off chance that you choose to work with a moneylender, you’ll most likely still be dealing fundamentally with a man inside the establishment called a “mortgage banker” or “loan officer.” These individual plays out similar obligations (pretty much) as a mortgage broker, the only difference from that as instead of looking through the whole loan market, the loan officer will distinguish which of the bank’s very own arrangement of loans and mortgage suits your requirements. It is better to choose a mortgage broker as you get multiple options.

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Plumbing also involves other works too such as prevention of any other incidents due to leakages and help avert dangers when natural disasters occur. Whenever earthquakes occur, there are times many pipes burst, and they can’t be prevented, but the gas leakage during these times can be done so. There are special valves known as the earthquake shut off valves. The earthquakes can damage the plumbing pipes as well as the gas pipes, these pipes may be subjected to cracking, shifting and other damages too. Get the plumber Philadelphia to help you with your plumbing works.

Get the best on board

The use of the valves helps preventing fires, explosions, poisoning by carbon monoxide that is released in the air, there will other foul odours and others. When there is the seismic detection by the instrument, it will automatically switch off the supply  to prevent any casualty. After the episode is over, you could call up the plumber Philadelphia and get the gas restarted to your home safely and in the right manner.

The need to be state approved device which is standardised and is of good quality. It should also be fitted into homes by professionals who know their job and do it correctly.

plumber philadelphia

During other natural calamities such as floods, you would naturally want to have moisture free basement, this can be done with the installation of sump pump which then the water is directed to the sump basin. The basements are prone to flooding and dampness which will be the breeding ground for mosquitoes, other disease spreading elements. The sump pump will prevent the collection of water and maintain the moisture free. There are other benefits of having a sump pump in your home as listed below

  • Prevents the growth of mold
  • Doesn’t allow for damage caused by water.
  • It does have a significant impact on the property value.

The installation process is a little complicated as it is a big task and it has to be done properly with the help of professional. The installation requires high powered tools, a good knowledge of the plumbing system. There is the need for an expert in the sewer lines too when you are installing the sump. Then only an efficient job is possible.

After you install the sump there is a need to maintain it, though they are low maintenance appliances, once a year servicing will suffice to keep it in a good condition and it will do its job efficiently when needed. when giving a maintenance check the expert will look into the following things such as

  • The discharge line has to be suitable either hard water or frozen water, if such issues are found they are unclogged.
  • The inlet screen can trap some residue along with the rainwater sometimes there are also debris. The need to check the screen regularly as this is the most amount of clogging can happen there isn’t free flow of water.
  • The float component will alert the system when there is excess water.
  • The pit is where the water is accumulated and it should be checked for mud and stones.

At most of the times, the businesses started very strong in the initial stage but sometimes they will go downwards stage by stage if you are not concentrated in promotion activities. Your product or service brand is new at the beginning and you have made a buzz around it. At the same time, you should also take a proper step to reach your brand to a wide range of the potential customers. For this purpose, first you have to make your friends and family members as the initial customers. Then, you have to do something continuously to grow your business.

Making growth of your business:

There are actually several ways available to the business growth including,

  • Increased marketing
  • New product launches
  • Increasing customer spend
  • Reducing cost
  • Increasing the frequency of selling products

All these things are really very common for all kinds of businesses and you should have to involve yourself in marketing and also funding to spread the word about your brand. Similarly, you should need money for the product development and also you should spend some enough amounts to advertise about your product or service brand.

If you are in need a source of money, there are different kinds of the sources available for your growth funding. Here are some of the most considerable and practical sources available to raise the money in order to improve your business.

Tips on raising money

Different ways of growing your business:

  • Bootstrap yourself – It is definitely a great method which means that the business owners reinvest your profits in enhancing your business in the rotational process. According to how profitable you are, it will be a slower method of getting growth. If you want to get the quick growth, it is better trying another option of business growth ideas.
  • Crowdfunding – Crowdfunding is one modern solution to funding your business. With the help of the popular platforms such as GoFundMe and Kickstarter, you can definitely able to offer the early product versions, specialized perks or pries and also some other rewards which will attract the users in order to provide toward the enhancement of your business.
  • Family and friends – Speaking of the family members and friends, they are the frequent people from whom you can borrow money for business funding. At the same time, they can also support your efforts by making the enough investment in your company.
  • Sing contracts – Signing a contract is not actually to restrict the business owners but it is also to help protect your relationship with the suppliers, partners and also customers.

Similarly, you have to communicate well with your customers, creditors and investors, use credit cards and take out a loan to grow your business. You can visit website online for more details about business growth.