June 24, 2024

Boosting Brands and Chilling Beverages: 3 Reasons why you should choose Aluminium Bottles

With the summer here, everyone knows the importance of staying hydrated. Doctors recommend we drink anywhere for 9 to 13 cups of liquid a day just to keep up with our bodies. Now, surely you don’t want to be buying beverages every time you work up a thirst, and who even knows when you’ll be around a water dispenser if you’re out and about. Most of us get around this problem with a simple, reusable, lightweight water bottle.

You can find them in various plastics and stainless steel but if given the choice we always choose aluminium and here’s why.

Environmentally Friendly

While plastic products make up over 50 billion tonnes of the worlds yearly waste and take years to degrade, aluminium is easy to recycle and is actually a valuable commodity so you’ll often find high demand for it at recycling plants. For comparison a ton of aluminium is worth $1186, compared to $226 for a tonne of plastic. Also, since it only takes 8% of the energy of plastics and other materials to recycle aluminium, these bottles and cans are made with an average 70% recycled material, speaking to their economic environmental footprint.

Strong and Lightweight

Aluminium is surprisingly durable; you’ll find one of these bottles almost impossible to puncture. Unlike plastic, heat, cold and other extreme weather has little effect on aluminium surfaces, and they’re not prone to shattering or breaking either like glass. That means you can take and store your bottle pretty much anywhere, in any weather safe in the comfort that your bottle will be just fine when you get back. Don’t worry about rust either; the metal actually reacts with oxygen to form a protective layer of aluminium oxide that protects these bottles from the effects of rust.

The main reason you need a water bottle is ease and mobility, and one the best things about aluminium is how little of it you need to make a strong bottle. In fact a comparative sized bottle of aluminium is 17 times lighter than glass, so you definitely don’t have to worry about lugging your water around.


There’s a reason why major soft drink companies opt for aluminium as the medium for their messages. Research into aluminium cans shows that 72% of customers agree that the “unique shape and printing area on cans, images and designs catch (their) eye more than other beverage containers.” With 48% of customers willing to try a new drink just on the basis of how the label and graphics look.

So why not branded aluminium water bottles too? Same shape, bigger size and used far more often, the bright shiny surface also allows for appealing and eye catching graphics that would seem dull on glass or plastic.

With all these benefits it seems like all you need to do to start your own viral marketing campaign, is buy a couple of cases of these lightweight and durable containers, pick out some popping designs and start shipping today!