uncontrolled Intersection

uncontrolled Intersection
Product Code: T-21
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Traffic Signs: pedestrian and vehicle traffic flow in a safe manner, in order to prevent accidents, roads, urban roads, vehicle drivers and pedestrians on the roads, road and environment necessary warnings and suggestions about the overall structure of the text and symbols are used to convey messages in .
Aluminum or galvanized steel sheet laser cutting technology with those intended cut sheet size and the probability of error will be canceled out in the area ocular discharge.
With mounting holes on the plate, ready to ease the assembly process is completed without the need for any treatment.
Traffic Signal Board accepts the most important issues to be considered;
Types of Plate Material used: 1.5 mm or 2 mm. Galvanized Sheet Sheet (TPC Standard), aluminum or FRP plates have been produced
Reflective Material Quality: reflective sheet pasted on the back of the material terms of the reflection rate and the quality of life. (Made in China cheap reflective, prismatic reflective, 3 - 5-7 years of engineering level reflectives).
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